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RELEASE: 2016-02-26 (EU) | 2016-02-26 (USA) | 2016-02-24 (JP)

Hi all,

we are very happy to announce a new album coming early 2016.
Once more we have 10 Songs full of blistering Power Metal prepared for you, coming hard, knocking you down.

The new album will include all the trademarks we developed on „When Worlds Collide“ and „Shadows“, plus a few things you may not have seen coming (Piano, anyone?).

For the next couple of weeks we invite you to join us on our journey to the release date, whilst we keep you updated with studio reports and behind the scenes footage. New shows are in the making and we of course will keep you posted on this, too.

While there are so many exciting news, there is also a bummer:
Marcus Siepen has left the band of his own accord.
There has not been - and there is not - any kind of disput.
In fact since his main band Blind Guardian is touring that much, it was simply not possible for him to focus 100% on Sinbreed, like he did the past years.
We are very thankful for having Marcus as a bandmember in our ranks for the last more than three years and we wish him nothing but the best. You may read his full statement HERE

We can't wait to see you all on the road
and keep you posted about the new record!
Thank you for your support,
Herbie, Flo, Fred, Alex

Live (venues tba)

Köln, 2016-04-02 (Metal Invasion Festival)

Hannover, 2016-04-09 (supporting Van Canto)

Berlin, 2016-04-10 (supporting Van Canto)

more dates tba

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